Ecological Sciences

Delivering Responsible Environmental Solutions

With the ever increasing need for knowledgeable management of natural resources comes the equally increasing stringency to environmental laws. Both pose challenges that require experience, expertise and understanding of the issues and obstacles inherent in them.

Our team of experienced Professional Wetland Scientists, Certified Wildlife Biologists, Certified Weed Control, and Certified Prairie Dog Control specialists is thoroughly versed in every aspect of ecosystem management and specializes in regulatory compliance balanced with innovative design. We deliver responsible project solutions for our public and private sector clients and our pro-active approach results in cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions that come in on-time, on-target and on budget!

Ecological Sciences Services

  • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Section 7 and 10 consultation
  • Environmental Clearance Studies, and Needs and Determinations
  • Migratory Bird Habitat Assessments and Management
  • Regulatory Agency Consultation
  • Noxious Weed Identification, Management, and Control
  • Mitigation and Revegetation Monitoring
  • Wildlife Habitat Design/Mitigation
  • Noise Assessments, Wall Feasibility Studies, and Cost Estimates
  • Air Quality Impact Mitigation
  • Waterfowl Management
  • Migratory Bird Act Compliance and Mitigation
  • Prairie Dog Management Plans
  • Wildfire Mitigation Plans
  • Fishery and Aquatic Studies and Control/Removal