Kind words from our clients!

“I want to express our deepest appreciation to you for the work you did to contribute to, not only a well-constructed dam, but an award-winning process. Thank you.”  

Mayor Konarski

Town of Monument

“We really appreciate all the help in understanding the permit process as well as the work and guidance to get through them.” –

Matt Day

Landscape Architect

“In going through the Ecological Assessment … I really appreciate it, you’ve done a very thorough job; in fact I think this is the most thorough report I have ever received.”  

Doug Moore

City of Ft. Collins

“The mitigation site looks exceptional. Given the evidence of the flashy flows and the high elevations of the debris lines, it is a testimony to the success of the site that there is no apparent erosion anywhere. The variety and health of vegetation to include shrubs trees as well as forbs is remarkable. We have determined that the site has met the success criteria and is hereby released from further monitoring.” 

Margaret Langworthy


“This is setting a new standard in RSP, something I have never seen. I have to commend. And when I see all the plans and the mitigation plans you’re going to have to put together is just phenomenal, and just incredibly impressed. You have taken the RSP process to a level that is going to be very difficult for any other entity to stand up to. It’s an incredible, incredible project. I have to commend the staff. Great work, great job.” 

Jack Hibert

Douglas County District 1 Commissioner, Douglas County District 1

“The Maps were excellently made. The site forms monitored for this project show this Smith crew’s careful attention to detail and thoughtful treatment of individual sites. Their work on this project carefully considered the cultural resources of our area and was thorough and detailed. The BLM appreciates and recognized their cooperative manner and professional conduct.”  

Alissa Leavitt-Reynolds

Bureau of Land Management

“SMITH does incredible work!”


Kristan Pritz

City and County of Broomfield

“SMITH has done a fantastic job so far and I really think this proactive approach will continue to help the situation.” 

Ashley Mohr

PR Manager, CDOT Regions 3 and 4

“American West appreciates how attentive and patient Smith Environmental has been throughout this project. It is not always easy when unhappy homeowners are calling about the construction in their neighborhoods. That being said, SMITH has always been extremely prompt with getting the information to us and notified or replied to the residents’ concerns with compassion and understanding (this helps us out immensely in dealing personally with these residents after the fact). Thank you for all the work you put in on this project, we will be using Smith Environmental again soon!” 

John Miklya

Project Manager, American West

“Thanks for everything. It’s going to make my life a lot easier to have this inventory at my fingertips.” Upon review of these wetlands report maps the COE’s Wyoming Regulatory office stated: “The report is a lot better quality than many I have seen and the mapping is excellent.” 


Ms. Cathryn Pesenti

Natural Resources Manager, FW Warren AFB

Thank you so much… I am impressed in the quality of work you have provided.
Selena Klosowski

Project Manager, City and County of Denver

“I’m going to be an enthusiastic supporter of the approval of this project. This project sets a new standard for Rural Site Plan, and it is where we want to go for the future, and I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this. The environmental aspects of this are very positive. Job well done.” 

Steve Boand

Douglas County District 2 Commissioner, Douglas County District 2

“…the report was great! Thanks for a good job and a good price! I look forward to working with you again. 

Kristie Arrington

BLM San Juan Public Land Center

“From the beginning Matt has been great to work with. This was a difficult project for ELK but it went smoothly and I appreciate the care, thoughtfulness and time Matt has given to me and the project.  I also appreciate SMITH working with the owner of the detention pond ensure a successful result.  I consider SMITH a partner as we develop the site for an open space park and environmental education center.  I’m sure I’ll be in touch as we move through more of the restoration process for your advice and counsel. SMITH delivered  — thank you!” 


“Appreciate the update and all your work on this. You win the fastest-environmental-reports-ever award! Thanks so much!  I’m sure we’ll have another project for you sometime soon. SMITH has a good name around here!  We sure appreciate you accommodating our tight schedules, your proactive approach, attention to detail, and getting reports done in such a timely manner.”

Kathryn Berg

City and County of Broomfield

 “Thanks for your help on this piece of the project. Without your participation, there’s really no way we’d be able to make this project a reality.” 

Bella Energy

Bella Energy

“I’m impressed with the format and information included in the narrative portion of the ‘Lane Closure Report.’  I think it shows an elevated effort to provide timely and pertinent information to the public regarding this project based on comments / complaints / questions received to date.” 


Chris Boespflug

Boulder Resident Engineer, CDOT Region 4