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Lancia Smith

President and Co-Founder

Lancia Smith is the president and co-founder of Smith Environmental and Engineering. Her vision for the company brings together the synergy of a superb staff, implementing…

Peter 4 v2

Peter Smith

Vice-President and Co-Founder & Senior Environmental Scientist

Peter Smith is the Vice-President and co-founder of Smith Environmental and Engineering. He has over 37 years of experience as a Senior Environmental Scientist and…


Tim Baumann 1V v2

Tim Baumann

Ecological Sciences Group Manager

Tim is a senior environmental scientist, project manager, and Certified Wildlife Biologist. He has been responsible for planning, managing, and facilitating the activities of interdisciplinary teams of environmental scientists, engineers

Rebecca Hannan 2v v2

Rebecca Hannon

Environmental Scientist III/ Project Manager

Rebecca Hannon has more than five years of experience as a wildlife biologist and natural resource manager specializing in environmental permitting. Her experience includes wetland delineations, habitat…

Sarah Webb 2 v2

Sarah Webb

Environmental Scientist I

Ms. Webb has more than six years of experience as an environmental scientist. Her background is in watershed science and hydrology, and she has a wide range of field and research…


Matt Strauser 3 v2

Matt Strauser

Ecological Management Services Group Manager

Since graduating from Montana State University with a B.S. in Biology, Ecology and Evolution Option, Mr. Strauser has more than 10-years of experience in wildlife research and management. He…

James Moree 1v v2

James Moree

Environmental Scientist I/Certified Operator

James Moree has more than five years of experience in environmental field work, forestry, and wildlife management. The majority of his experience involves studying large and small …

Michael Quinlan 1V v2

Michael Quinlan

Environmental Scientist I

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Ivan Mota 1v - v2

Ivan Mota

Wildlife Biologist

Ivan Mota has more than 6 years of research, field work, data collection, and technical report preparation experience while working as wildlife conservation biologist on the Island of …

Dylan Rhea-Fournier 1 v2

Dylan Rhea-Fournier

Wildlife Biologist

Dylan has more than ten years working experience in ecological research. Dylan obtained his BS in Biology from the University of Oregon, and his MS in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico…


Kevin Jacobs

Wildlife Biologist

Connor Runyan 1 v2

Connor Runyan

Wildlife Biologist

Connor Runyan graduated from Colorado State University in Spring of 2017. He graduated with two Bachelor’s of Science degrees, one in Zoology and the other in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with a concentration in Conservation…

Zach Eiten 1 v2

Zach Eiten

Wildlife Biologist

Zach Eiten graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a B.S in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with an emphasis in Chemistry.  As an undergraduate, Mr. Eiten acquired 3 years of experience in research…


Eric Weis 1 v2

Eric Weis, P.E. / C.F.M.

Engineering Group Manager 

Bio coming soon

Jonathan Diller 1v2

Jonathan Diller, P.E.

Water Resources Engineer

Jonathan Diller has been working in the field of stormwater quality management and EPA regulations of stormwater quality for more than 25 years.  Mr. Diller has also been developing the advocacy …

Leah Althoff 1 2018 v2

Leah Althoff

Environmental Engineer I

Ms. Althoff graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of North Dakota in May 2016. Her senior design capstone project involved performing a variety of studies…

Michael Walton 5 v2

Michael Walton

Environmental Engineer, EIT, CFM

Mr. Walton is an Environmental Engineer at SMITH. He has more than two years of experience in construction and more than three years of experience with water resources. He has received…


Nicholas Mosser 1V v3 2018

Nicholas Mosser

Environmental Construction Group Manager

Nicholas Mosser is a Colorado native who moved to Southern California at an early age to pursue a…

Mat McCallister 2 v3

Mat McCallister

Environmental Construction Project Coordinator

Mat McCallister comes to SMITH with a background in heavy equipment operations and has…

Molly West 1 v4

Molly West

Project Manager

Ms. West has 20 years’ experience working with water resources, watershed analysis, aquatic and …

Drew Elsner v2

Drew Elser

Irrigation Superintendent

Manny Mederos 1 v2

Emmanuel Mederos

Maintenance and Warranty Superintendent

Mr. Mederos is the Maintenance and Warranty Superintendent at SMITH. He has over four year’s experience in remodeling and restoration. Currently, Mr. Mederos oversees…

Michael Hart 1 v2

Michael Hart

Erosion Control Superintendent

Michael Hart is the Erosion Control Superintendent for the SMITH Environmental Construction Team. His background is in logistics with a strong focus in-ground…

Nathan Pauley 1v v2

Nathan Pauley


Mr. Pauley is a highly skilled construction specialist with experience in erosion control, silt fencing, erosion logs, and other BMP installation practices, as well as…

Stephanie Sammons 1 v3

Stephanie Sammons

Environmental Construction Assistant

Stephanie Sammons holds the position of Environmental Construction Assistant at SMITH. Bringing her diverse background in organizational development and project management, she gives a unique perspective to the construction team. Miss Sammons ensures tasks are completed…

Jim Meining 1v2

Jim Meining

Senior Estimator

Mr. Meining is the Senior Estimator at SMITH responsible for erosion control, reclamation and revegetation.  His qualifications as a reclamation specialist, soil scientist, revegetation specialist, wetland scientist, and erosion control specialist include more than 24 years…

Harry Alles 2 v2

Harry Alles

Construction Superintendent

Mr. Alles is a 4th generation farmer who raises corn, hay, and cattle on his 164-acre farm… 

Steven Monroy 1 v2

Steven Monroy

Field Crew Foreman

Dustin Pauley 1 v2

Dustin Pauley

Field Crew Foreman

Dennis Medina 1 v2

Dennis Medina

Field Crew Foreman

Conrad Roadway 1V v2 2018

Conrad Roadway

Field Technician

Keith Anderson 1V v2 2018

Keith Anderson

Field Technician

Mario 1 v2

Mario Garcia

Field Technician

Ricardo Vargas v2

Ricardo Vargas

Field Technician

Ben Bettis v3 (1)

Ben Bettis

Field Technician

Jesus Flores v2

Jesus Flores

Field Technician

Luis Vargas v2

Luis Vargas

Field Technician


Brian Washburn 3 v2

Brian Washburn

Hazardous Materials and Industrial Hygiene Group Manager

Mr. Washburn has focused on developing and managing remedial solutions at contaminated sites for more than 30 years, in both private and public …

Brian Keyes 3v v2

Brian Keyes

Environmental Specialist

Brian Keyes has more than 14 years of experience in the environmental consulting and industrial hygiene industry.  He has extensive working knowledge of …

Greg Braford 1V v2

Greg Bradford

Environmental Engineer

Greg Bradford has more than 40 years of experience in Civil and Environmental investigation, design, permitting and construction. He has conducted …

Matt Eaton 1V v3

Matt Eaton

Environmental Scientist I

Mr. Eaton has a strong foundation in environmental due diligence, site assessment, remediation of contaminated sites and consulting services…


Tais Lobo 2 2018 v3

Tais Lobo

Bids and Proposal Group Manager/Public Information Manager

Tais Lobo brings to SMITH’s Business Development and Public Information Group 15 years of writing experience, including public and media relations, digital and print journalism, digital marketing and social media, and corporate…

Alex Casalvieri 4 v2

Alex Casalvieri

Bids and Proposal Specialist

SMITH’s Bids and Proposals Specialist Alex Casalvieri is responsible for preparing and submitting bids and drafting qualifications and proposals. His skillset includes account management, problem identification, and managing timelines to…

Kristen Stahl 1 4x4 2018 v2

Kristen Stahl

Marketing Assistant / Recruiting Specialist

Kristen Stahl is pleased to be a part of the SMITH team as their Marketing Assistant. This role allows her to synthesize together her love of…


Peggy Hartjoy 1 v2 2018

Peggy Hartjoy

Senior Accountant / Human Resources Manager

Peggy Hartjoy holds the position of Senior Accounting Manager at Smith Environmental & Engineering. Before joining the SMITH team, her varied professional background included serving as a Project Manager…

Alex Hammacher 5 v2

Alex Hammacher

Project Accounting Specialist

Alex Hammacher holds the position of Project Accounting Specialist. She provides direct support to the Senior Accountant along with the Project Managers throughout the company, which includes…



Jennifer Bridgett 1 2018 v2

Jennifer Bridgett

Office Coordinator

Bio coming soon

Stan Brooks 2 v2

Stanley Brooks

IT Manager

Mr. Brooks is a Career IT professional with 20 years of experience in various IT fields. He received much of his training directly from manufacturers and industry leaders…