Peter Smith

Vice-President and co-founder of Smith Environmental and Engineering/Senior Environmental Scientist

Mr. Smith has over 30 years of experience as a Senior Environmental Scientist and has worked on over 1500 environmental projects. He has extensive experience in NEPA documents, building demolition and construction, remedial investigations at hazardous waste sites, biological and ecological assessments, wetland permitting and mitigation site design, stream restoration, T&E species assessments, noise and air quality studies, cultural resource reports, reclamation and erosion control projects, hydrologic investigations, and leaking underground storage tank site remediation.

Mr. Smith has authored or co-authored over 2000 technical reports, co-authored a book on disturbed land reclamation, published 14 professional papers, and holds 5 professional registrations. He has over 33 years of experience as an Environmental Project Manager and has been a Principal of an Environmental firm for 27 years.

Mr. Smith holds a B.S. in Watershed Science (Hydrology) from Colorado State University and has taken graduate courses in soil and range sciences from Colorado State University and business administration from the University of Denver.