Westminster Mall

Project Overview

Originally build in the 1970’s, the former Westminster Mall was due to be demolished in preparation for the creation of a new mall at the Sheridan Boulevard-US 36 intersection. Due to risks of hazardous materials being present, SMITH provided a wide range of industrial hygiene and hazardous material assessment services during this multi-year long project, including surveys and abatement inspections on the main mall structure and several outbuildings.

Project Details

City of Westminster


Services Rendered

Service 1
Service 2
Service 3

Westminster, CO




Services Provided

SMITH conducted multiple survey at the main mall and adjacent structures to identify possible asbestos-containing material and lead-based paint that would require abatement prior to the demolition; and proceeded to overseeing the abatement and providing air monitoring services during the process. On this project, SMITH was tasked with:

  • Completing a Phase I ESA
  • Asbestos and lead-based paint investigation
  • Review of the project design
  • Remediation plan preparation
  • Abatement oversight and inspection
  • Air monitoring during abatement

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