Water Quality treatment wetland – 52nd and Emerson Regional Detention Pond and Park

Project Overview

The City and County of Denver needed to create a regional detention pond to treat water on a previously contaminated site. SMITH provided design services and storm water quality treatment planning, creating a plan for an aesthetically pleasing natural park that also achieved the City’s water treatment goals, minimizing long-term maintenance by the CCD.

Project Details

City and County of Denver

Denver, CO




Services Provided

SMITH conducted ground water and site contamination investigations, and combined that information with previously conducted reports to create:

  • an evaluation of plant community dynamics and their effect on stormwater treatment
  • a wetland planting plan
  • design plans for the wetland treatment areas including advice on how to minimize maintenance and maximize effectiveness
  • an evaluation of surface and ground water interactions during stormwater events to determine if ground water quality would be degraded
  • an evaluation of water rights issues as related to the use of ground water for supporting treatment wetlands

SMITH also co-authored the maintenance plan document; outlining the costs to install and maintain the area, plans for what plants would best treat contaminated water, and regular maintenance schedules for the pond and treatment wetlands.

Thank you so much… I am impressed in the quality of work you have provided.

Selena Klosowski

Project Manager, City and County of Denver

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