SUIT Brownfields Services On-Call

Project Overview

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe (SUIT) needed assistance in addressing a wide range of hazardous materials management issues at abandoned buildings on the reservation.  SMITH was awarded this on-call contract because of our experience providing similar services to Rocky Mountain Region tribes and our team’s capabilities in providing asbestos investigation and abatement, demolition oversight, Phase I and Phase II ESA, and site restoration services for clients.

Project Details

Southern Ute Indian Tribe




Tribal Services




Services Provided

SMITH has completed multiple projects under this on-call contract, providing a fast-response and reliable team to address hazardous materials issues. Some of the projects we completed are:

  • At a three-building site at Ute Park: Phase 1 ESA, ACM/LBP investigation and reports, abatement project management and air monitoring, building demolition and haul off, and site restoration
  • At the Cabezon Ranch: ACM surveys, air monitoring during abatement, abatement oversight, building demolition and site restoration
  • During abatement of three abandoned houses: ACM abatement project management, ACM surveys, and air monitoring
  • At the Baker and Grey houses: ACM abatement project management and air monitoring
  • At the Annex Building: Phase 1 ESA, ACM/LBP survey, and asbestos abatement

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