Lancia E. Smith

President and co-founder of Smith Environmental and Engineering

Lancia Smith is the president and co-founder of Smith Environmental and Engineering. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business management and client satisfaction, she has launched and managed four successful businesses throughout her career. Lancia’s success as president of SMITH stems from her gifts and skill set as a communicator, visionary, and strategic planner. Her background in botany, horticulture and landscape design has enabled her to contribute to a diverse set of projects ranging from wetland stream restoration/mitigation to plant species propagation to professional consultation and planning. Her education in English Literature from the University of Colorado and the 27 years she has spent as a technical editor have fine-tuned her ability to review and edit scientific reports; and her training as a writer has taught her to express ideas in clear and meaningful ways.
As a business owner, Lancia strives to train and inspire her staff to excel in the role they play in serving SMITH clients. Her 35 years of managerial experience have refined her ability to create effective collaborative teams, and her vision for the company brings together new technologies, quality work, and excellent staff to deliver the best service possible for each client’s needs.